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W.S.R.C Builders and fabricators have varied experience in civil and structural work. We have executed Equipment foundation, Industrial building, Road work and road Stone pitching We have executed structural work for cooling tower and related to chimney.

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COOLING TOWER and cooling water treatment

• De-watering
• Evocation
• Back-filling
• Re- enforcement {cutting, bending , fabrication of cages and fixing} Grading
• Form work {making oiling fixing in position and removal of the after curing period , including staging}
• Scaffolding and staging
• Gangway for concrete and other work
• Shuttering making {timber back }{steel back}
• PVC water stopper fixing
• Bitumen impregnated board fixing
• Pre cast beam
• Pre cast brick {P C Block}
• Pre cast yard {PCC , PLASTER}
• Shifting
• Fixing
• Curing

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